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How the media uses Training Press Releases

Examples of the types of media that use Training Press Releases

Targeting the learning industry's media is an ever-changing challenge: new news web sites, blogs and groups appear daily; individual journalists, editors and webmasters frequently change jobs - making targeting them difficult and time-consuming. Training Press Releases' database of media users is constantly updating to make sure press releases get to the right people.

Press releases posted on Training Press Releases can appear in a multitude of different places: many different news web sites, publications and commentators source news from Training Press Releases. These include a variety of media focused on the learning industry, such as:

- on line news services
- analyst and research sites
- news aggregators
- news search engines
- print publications
- blogs, groups and forums
- learning providers' web sites
- social networking, bookmarking and sharing services
- e-mail newsletters

The level of coverage generated depends upon the value of the news story: some press releases generate coverage across hundreds of web sites and some considerably less - good PR is usually the difference! And good Internet marketing practices are needed to produce valuable results.

Industry coverage: Many, many blogs and industry web sites use material from Training Press Releases, feeding press releases directly into their news services. Other news services use the releases as the basis of stories, editing and reusing parts of releases.

Conferences: Event organizers are constantly looking for specialist speakers and content and many organizers are regular users of Training Press Releases.

Analysts: Learning sector market analysts use Training Press Releases to keep up to date with the announcements from particular companies and subjects that they are tracking. 

Search tactics: The main news search engines index Training Press Releases, for example Google News indexes each press release within minutes of posting. News aggregators, such as News Now, also index Training Press Releases.

Social networking: Each press release on Training Press Releases has an inbuilt bookmarking and sharing function, enabling people to quickly and easily share relevant news across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and all major social networks. And releases can be set to automatically update clients' own social profiles.

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