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Advertising terms

These advertising terms are specifically for customers placing banner advertising orders and are in addition to Training Press Releases' legal notices to which, by using this web site, all users agree to.

Clients agree that their advertising orders will be accepted subject to Training Press Releases' approval of the advert. Training Press Releases will only approve advert designs, messages and linked pages that it considers compliment Training Press Releases and that are designed to a high quality in keeping with Training Press Releases style and that Training Press Releases decision to either approve or not to approve an advert is final. For example flashing adverts, garish designs and messaging that we consider unrelated to the business of training/learning are unlikely to be approved. Where an advert (or its linked pages) are not approved Training Press Releases will offer the client the opportunity to either send a revision or receive a refund less a 5% administration fee.

Advertisers are solely responsible for providing their advert file in the specified file format and link URL and full payment in advance of the start date. Up to 48 hours should be allowed for the advert to start displaying on the web site. Advertising orders may be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the chosen start date and a refund will be provided less a 5% administration fee. Refunds cannot be provided after 48 hours prior to the chosen start date. 

Adverts will appear on Training Press Releases home pagebrowse pages and several other pages about Training Press Releases, from the confirmed start date and for the period of time ordered. 

Advertisers agree that Training Press Releases is not responsible for the content of either their adverts or the contents of web pages linked to from their adverts, which is out of Training Press Releases' control. 

Training Press Releases reserves the right to remove any advert without warning and without explanation should it deem necessary to do so. Such reasons could include but are not limited to: the customer filing for bankruptcy or administration, requests from the Advertising Standards Authority, adverts relating to products or services that Training Press Releases deems poor quality or not fit for purpose.

The information posted on this site is available for public viewing outside of the control of Training Press Releases. Training Press Releases makes no representations about the viewing audience of Training Press Releases nor does it provide or imply any service level against the viewing audience. Training Press Releases makes no warranty or guarantee to the client as to the results, such as the number of click-throughs, enquiries or subsequent orders resulting from displaying client's advert(s).

Training Press Releases is part of Astenvale Ltd registered in England 4366098. The Training Press Releases Web site's design, graphics and code are the property of Training Press Releases and, with the exception of the content of press releases, may not be copied, reused, stored, published or distributed without the express permission of Training Press Releases. Product and company names mentioned on this Web site may be trademarks and/or service marks of their respective owners. All trademarks and/or service marks are acknowledged. These terms are subject to change without notice.